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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Advance accreditation for high quality

Mar 03 2017

With visit of Academic Pairs to the institution in order to evaluate to accredit for high quality the program of Degree in Mathematics and Physics of the institution

With activities concentrated today in the Sabanas headquarters of the Popular University of Cesar, continues the visit of the Academic Pairs designated by the Ministry of National Education to accredit by High Quality the Degree Program in Mathematics and Physics of the institution.

The visit began yesterday, Thursday, March 2, with the meeting between the faculty and the Peer Review Board, followed by a meeting with the program leaders and the researchers. Later on, we interact with students, teachers, graduates and employers.

For today, the meeting is held with the rector, Carlos Emiliano Oñate Gómez and all his team of Administrative Directives. Next, a tour of the entire physical area of the Sabanas venue will take place, in which all the members of the Self-Evaluation Committee will participate.

In the afternoon, the day ends with the visit to Educational Institutions of student practices.

It should be noted that the visit ends on Saturday, March 4 with the presentation of the verbal report to the rector, Carlos Emiliano Oñate and the entire body of directors of the institution.

The UPC Mathematics and Physics Program was born with this institution and its main mission is to train education professionals in the mathematics and physics disciplines that contribute to raising the level of human development in the region, as agents of change Of attitudes, habits and customs of the population, its SNIES Code is 1705, the title that it grants is the one of Degree in Mathematics and Physics, the methodology is presencial and its duration is of ten semesters.
More information: Loeber Romero Arias, Coordinator Qualified Records UPC, Cel: 3002165904

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