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Friday, December 14, 2018

Wage levels for plant administrative employees

Mar 07 2017

Taking into account the new salary scales and seeking to claim the rights of all workers of the Popular University of Cesar, the directives of this cloister, decided to level the salaries of jobs at the professional, technical and healthcare levels, just as it was decided Modify the personnel plan.

These measures are set out in the agreements issued by the Higher University Council, number 003 for the Valledupar headquarters and 004, for the Aguachica Section, dated February 28, 2017.

In summary, in the aforementioned agreement, 12 positions of the Administrative Personnel Plan are abolished, new salary scales for professional, technical and care-related jobs are set. Likewise, charges are modified according to the corresponding equivalence tables.

After this measure was known, members of the Superior Council, the rector and the vice rectors, met with the officials in order to socialize them this excellent initiative that benefits them in a substantial way.

During this act of socialization, the Rector, Carlos Oñate, indicated that "with great complacency we registered that this has been given, because it will improve the living conditions of our employees." The salary to improve them will give them greater possibilities so that the family nucleus can It is the first leveling, but it is not going to be the last, we have the purpose that the university has good salaries, so that the officials feel committed and can work with tranquility.

For his part, the Vice-Rector of Administration, Jhon Jairo Diaz, said that "it is a historic decision that has taken the administration of the Popular University of Cesar, led by the rector Carlos Emiliano Oñate Gomez, to claim the rights of all workers of the university , Especially at the professional, technical and welfare levels, in the sense that they are being salaried, are being paid decent wages to employees, as a claim under the treaties of the International Labor Organization.

Finally it was known that all these measures begin to take effect from this month of March 2017.

For more information: Jhon Jairo Díaz Carpio, Vice-Rector Administrative UPC, Cel: 3166661017

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